Interior Redesign

We do Interior decoration of apartments and houses from the ground up. Our approach is collaborative and comprehensive. We work with experts in the fields of lighting design, audiovisual installation, architecture, and landscape design.   Every project is attended to with thoughtful exactitude - and most importantly - a sense of fun!

Retail Design

We start  with concept development. This could be anything from a terrific piece of fabric, like the black Bergamo taffetta above for Angela's in Rye, to a client's favorite painting.  It's our job to translate this feeling into a retail vision that elevates the customer to a place they have never been before. 

Custom Design

Bespoke furniture, case goods and accessories. The custom China Buffet pictured in the slideshow above was made for our client's 5th Avenue Dining Room.



artwork:  Birches; Anthony James 2006. Photos, Joanna Heimbold, Brad Dickson. Renderings Manuel Tan and  Braden Novotny.